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1st Intergenerational Encounter of We Dream Business: It happened!

We were finally a bit less than 40 executives, students, academics and representatives of NGOs to meet at the Casa-Asia in Barcelona for the 1st Intergenerational Encounter of We Dream Business. I have received many messages of gratitude indicating how fruitful the experience has been for participants. For some, it seems that such an event provoked or accompanied a genuine transformation. In return, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all participants, to Julian Rode, MBA students and the Foundation for a New Ethical Business for the organization, and to HP, Edelman, Bancaja, UPF Business Shuttle and MediaResponsable for their support.

As always with these “Dreaming Sessions”, I am impressed by how quick participants connect with what really matters to them. The power of evocating dreams and the intensity of the dialogues they generate create intimate and meaningful experiences that seem to truly inspire. The collective sharing, when it allows each one to participate at her will, raises the awareness and feeling of being part of a community. In this particular session, the intergenerational character of the encounter was adding an additional richness to these moments. I was especially fond of this because I believe that we cannot construct the future ignoring the experience from our elders. I also found the mention of Icarus, who died by getting too close to his dream, particularly powerful. It acted as a counterpoint to remind us that dreams are a mere vehicle. They must be used appropriately to live our life at present and should not be misunderstood as the “ultimate recipe for success”.

Overall, the dreams and values we shared show many similarities with dreams and values I observed in the past 18 months in other contexts. Nevertheless, I remark that “Profit” as a value remained on the table when we talked about the values for the business of our dreams. I interpret this as a lesson from the elders that efficiency is a useful value to keep in mind when promoting ethical values.

It was also a genuine satisfaction to see how our work with dreams somehow naturally transforms into concrete and bold actions at the end of the day when we clarify our vision. Raising the willingness to act for the world of our dreams was an objective of the session. We learned how each one of us can make a difference.

The encounter also had the intention of building a common and public message. Of course there is a common dream to make business a more harmonious part of our life, society and of the planet. But I also realized that my intention to build a single message may not have been fully appropriate. I may rather have looked for valuing and honouring the diversity of our perspectives. A patchwork of dreams could be more powerful and inspiring than a single one. In the future, I would like to build on this learning. For instance, we could try to make sure that the process of such a session teaches us the richness of our plurality.

I hope such an encounter will have a second edition. To this aim, it would help that the Foundation gains momentum and support. I will work on improving the website and give more visibility to the activities of the Foundation. In the meantime, I would encourage you to comment on the posts of the website, become Friend of the Foundation (just send a picture and a short text), or even post yourself an article (members of the Foundation can all obtain a username and password upon request).

I wish your dreams come true,

With many thanks,

Marc Le Menestrel

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