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This foundation is intended to be a network of people and institutions. It will develop through initiatives, events and interactions. If you feel like contributing, please do contact us and make suggestions.

We Dream Business is a web-based initiative launched to promote ethical business practices worldwide. It is mainly oriented on students and aims to show that there are already many companies that are both ethical and profitable.


The Metronomics Global Health Initiative

The Metronomics Global Health Initiative combines cutting-edge scientific research, new business models and social innovation to develop alternative anti-cancer strategies at the service of children in the developing world.

 Biodiversity & Ethical Business

Biodiversity & Ethical Business

With this initiative, we want to generate research and activities that promote awareness that biodiversity is crucial for a sustainable development. We intend to help ethical business actors to exercise their responsibility and join efforts for halting the trend of biodiversity loss.

More information about this project can be found here.

New Ethical MBA

The New Ethical MBA

A project for a MBA with an ethical spirit and a drive towards Sustainability.