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Friends express their interest in the Foundation and provide inputs or contacts. They want to be kept informed and may also like to serve as ambassadors for the Foundation to spread the word about its developments. If you want to join the Friends of the Foundation, please contact us!


Alexander Cutler (U.S.A.); UPF MBA Graduate 2007

“I believe in this movement and group because it is vital to the world to be proactive on ethical business before we are naturally forced to be! Ethical business is part of what will ensure a safe and healthy world for generations to come.”


Michael De Witte (Canada), GSE-Msc Finance student 2008

“I support this foundation because I strongly believe that ethical business and profitability are converging concepts. Many successful initiatives exist around the world where companies’ successes are measured against ethical benchmarks. Accountability is an important word here.”


Bruce Feycher-Lippens (Belgium); Student of BGSE 2008

“Knowing and thinking about ethical values in business is difficult, but essential in order to enhance yourself and the society. I strongly believe it can even be fun and rewarding and that’s why I am a big fan of this foundation.”


Sébastien Fosse (France), Doctoral Researcher, IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

“I strongly support this project. Indeed, it is now crucial that researchers and practitioners prove that “ethical business” is not an oxymoron, but rather a way to promote realistic styles of management helping individuals to find meaning and motivation in their work.


Guido Gürtler (Germany)

“May be it is a dream but I am deeply convinced that at the end only ethically conducted business will survive. Unethical business hurts humankind and the more people live on this planet, the less space and resources they have, the more each person will realize the different consequences of ethical and unethical business. I studied economics in Nuremberg, finishing as “Diplom-Kaufmann” in 1968. I experienced how my grandfather practiced ethical business in his fertilizer factory, tried to behave myself ethically in the leading functions I head within Siemens and various standardization organizations. After retirement, mid 2004, I continued to commit myself, on a totally voluntary basis, to the success of the “ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility” by many active contributions, see I am happy to contribute to ‘Foundation for a New Ethical Business’ with these experiences.”


Zeynep Ilhan (Turkey); Student of BGSE 2008

“We need to question the excessive gains in the business world. Making business is not an end in itself to be left on its own devices. Ethics has to be much more institutionalized and contribute to all the relations in our economies in the name of social justice. We are not for business, business is for us!”


Lukas Kretschmer (Germany); Student of BGSE 2008

“I support this foundation because I think it is very important to raise awareness of what role business should have in a society. Who serves who? - “Business at the service of human values, social justice and environmental sustainability” says everything…”


Jean-Pierre Le Calvez, Vice-President Marketing, Hewlett-Packard Imaging and Printing Group, EMEA

“There is no alternative but to behave in the utmost ethical manner in business. We’ve all seen the limits of a system driven by greed, self interest and fallen idols. It is in the interest of business to behave in a more socially responsible way where human development becomes the centrepiece of strategy and where sustainability becomes the fuel of future business.”

“When you really want something, the world conspires to make your dream come true.” The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.


Sara Marquez Gallardo, Research Assistant, IESE Business School

“I strongly believe in the important role of ethical business and social entrepreneurs in the next step towards a more sustainable development. That’s why I support this foundation: A new approach of what’s beyond the scope of the business world must be kept in mind while walking towards a more sustainable development”.


Núria Martí (Spain), UPF Business Studies

“Businesses constitute the core of the system of which we are all part, thus if we are about to live in a world led by enterprises, we need to introduce new concepts of doing business. Thus, I believe in this Foundation for a New Ethical Business because if we are willing to evolve and achieve a more sustainable system, we need to learn that enterprises have to introduce into their business strategies ethical behaviors.”


Christian Meiller (F); Project Management Process Owner VP, Sidel Group

“In the storm of the global Crisis, I definitively believe in the important role of ethical business and social entrepreneurs to rebuild sustainable economy, ethical values and happiness. It can contribute to a long term view, in order to prepare a better world for the future generations. That’s why I support this foundation.”


Jérôme Meyer (F); Master in Management E.M Lyon, European Champion (Bouldering, Bercy 2008), Board Member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) (Athletes representative)

“Time has come for companies to acknowledge their role of social leader and the impacts they have on their community. Time has also come to replace as a major concern the issues of social and sustainable development. This is a beautiful project the foundation has set, I trust it, and then, I’m in! ”


Vanessa Ribeiro, Account Manager at Edelman

“Practicing ethical communications is not an easy task. Often it can be easier to not say anything at all then the truth. I believe in this project because I trust it is extremely important to support diversity of perspective and freedom of expression in all forms.”


Anthony Simon, Former President, Marketing Foods Division, Unilever/Former board member, Unilever Bestfoods

“A former Senior Executive with 37 years experience of the global Food Industry, I am now active in Sustainable Development, the Role of Business in Society and Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders. I like the Foundation for a New Ethical Business and I am helping to develop the website while advising on the Biodiversity and Ethical Business project. I like to be a Global Networker!”