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This foundation researches, teaches and promotes new ways of doing business at the service of human values, social justice and environmental sustainability.

There already exist business organizations which acknowledge their role beyond seeking profit. They are inspiring models that define a new business paradigm: caring for people, society and the environment. We want to nurture this growing spirit of ethical business at the scientific, educational, and institutional levels.

Research Objectives
The Foundation contributes to the academic corpus that studies such new ethical businesses. It is hosting a network of fellows involved in teaching and research, and integrates research projects that advance knowledge about ethical business.

Pedagogical Ambitions
The Foundation proposes programs that teach state-of-the-art approaches towards the emerging forms of new ethical business. Faculty from the academic, business, social and political world are welcome to contribute.

Promoting Ethical Business
The Foundation serves as a platform for business organizations that engage in these new ethical ways of doing business. Inspiring examples of such business organizations are living proofs of this emerging business paradigm.