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The foundation is in an early phase. We are building the composition of its teams.


Marc Le Menestrel, Executive Director

As the initiator of this initiative, I see myself as a sort of “gardener”of the projects that the Foundation host. I am doing this as a self-fulfilling endeavour and because I dream of an institutional place where I would feel empowered with fellows colleagues, advisors and friends to accompany the transformation business is currently experiencing.


Julian Rode, Scientific Coordinator

Julian is a Postdoctoral researcher and academic consultant. He teaches and conducts experimental research on topics related to ethics and economics, and he has broad interdisciplinary interests in normative and descriptive aspects of decision making. Julian supports and helps coordinate the research activities within the Foundation.


Antonio Márquez, Project Manager, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Antonio Márquez is the current project manager for He is Visiting Professor of Strategic Management at Pompeu Fabra University and CSR at IES University in Barcelona. He is currently doing a PHD in Leadership and Management by Values as source of Corporate Reputation at the Philosophy Faculty at Barcelona University.


Ipek Aktar, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Ipek is a PhD student of the Graduate Program in Management at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Koç University in Istanbul. She is interested in doing research on ethics and credibility of ethical companies. She has been working on the methodological aspects of the beta-version of the project.

Past Contributors


Diana Miftakhova, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Diana was a student in the Master of Finance at Barcelona GSE, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2007/2008). She obtained her Bachelor’ Degree in Economics from the Finance Academy in Russia and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in the Netherlands; and worked for 2 years at KPMG Moscow, Energy and Natural Resources Department. She has been responsible for providing, editing and improving the content of the beta-version of the in 2008


Dan Morrison, Project Manager, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Dan Morrison has been the project manager for WeDreamBusiness.Org between December 2008 and February 2009. He has been editing the website and coordinating the feedback of the Beta-version


Cristina Naval, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Cristina was a graduate student in Business Administration at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. During the academic year 2007/2008, she did her Tesina on “The New Ethical Business”, proposing a descriptive and critical analysis of assignments of UPF and INSEAD students over the last 5 years. Many of her synthesis of these assignments have been used in the launch phase of the WeDreamBusiness.Org project.


Anastasia Sergeeva, Team WeDreamBusiness.Org

Anastasia was a Master student of the Graduate Program in Management at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She received her first degree in Public Relations at the International Journalism Department of the Moscow State University of International Affairs. As part of her course assignment for the course “Rationality and Ethical Values in Business” in 2008, she has worked on the development of website structure and content of the beta-version of the project.