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Launch of the Metronomics Global Health Initiative

The Metronomics Global Health Initiative combines cutting-edge scientific research, new business models and social innovation to develop alternative anti-cancer strategies at the service of children in the developing world.

Through the building of hybrid forms of institutional support, the smart development of cheap and non-toxic sustainable protocols, the innovative search for generous financing and the empowerment of local physicians, we want to be the pioneers of emerging and promising sustainable strategies to fight cancer for children in developing countries.

With this initiative and its website, we want to create a community of pioneers who embark in this forward-looking project as inventors, ambassadors and supporters. We welcome enlightened individuals whose heart is touched by the relevance and novelty of our ambition and who want to see the world transformation through our project. We welcome institutions thatembace social innovation and look for a long-term association with the development of innovative therapeutic and business strategies to fight children cancer in the developing world.

Visit our website at!

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