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In 2007, Marc Le Menestrel, building on his experience as a business professor at UPF and INSEAD, initiates discussions about ways to promote new ethical approaches to business.

Many of the students, colleagues, mentors and family people he discussed with are now involved in this project one way or another. This website reflects the first public step taken as a result of these discussions: a Foundation for a New Ethical Business.

We have chosen to mention explicitly “Ethical Business” in the title because ethics has a history of thousands of years and we should not overlook it. The word is meant to encompass concerns at the individual, societal or environmental level. The word “New” reflects our belief that business needs a new paradigm.

Another starting point for this foundation is that we will not be able to avoid the question of the role of money in this world and in particular in business. This is a difficult question which is too often eluded. But it is also our experience that intellectual honesty, emotional wisdom and collective action can surprise us for the best.