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A flower for the Spring!

With the Spring, we are glad to share with you this new design for the webpage of the foundation. We hope you like it and will welcome your comments and suggestions! You will find here the report from our first workshop in Mannheim about ethical business decision-making. It was a great success in terms of attendance, content and atmosphere of the debates and we wish to renew the experience soon! As you will discover, the Foundation continues to push for the “We Dream Business” project, with a debate in April hosted by HP and the organization of the 1st Intergenerational Encounter on Dreaming Business planned for November 2009. This project will be coordinated by Antonio Marquez. We launch the “Biodiversity and Ethical Business” project which, coordinated by Julian Rode, intends to generate research and activities that promote awareness that biodiversity is crucial for a sustainable development. We remain in the spirit of not putting pressure on the agenda of the already busy life of everyone. However, you may like the more interactive nature of the IT platforms that we now use. If you have inspiration of one of these projects, or for others, do not hesitate to contact us, get registered and be one step further in participating in the Foundation. In any case, enjoy the flowers of the Spring!!!

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