Some Amazing Tricks to Win Cash in Indian Rummy Game

The rummy game is not something that has been newly discovered by the people all around the world. Earlier it was played in the conventional way of sitting with friends and families and having fun while playing. Now it is played to have fun, refresh the mind, develop genuine moral skills and values and most importantly, cash. The Online Indian rummy game, popularly known as the thirteen card rummy is one of the most preferred and enjoyed games of all the variants in online rummy. This is because of its simple rules and speedy proceedings. However, since every variant of rummy has a few sets of tricks and strategies to be followed, the indian rummy game is no different.  

The tricks to win cash in indian rummy game are

  • Try not to hold on to a single card for a long period of time

When you play indian rummy online, your primary focus should be on dealing with your cards in the correct way. Your victory in the game depends on the correct collection and allocation of cards. Whenever you are playing the indian rummy game, make sure that you easily discard the cards that are not of your top priority. You need cards to meld sets and sequences in the rummy game. Therefore, the more unwanted cards you have in your hand, the more complicated it gets for you. Another factor is to discard the cards that hold high points. Discarding the high-value cards as soon as possible is an important aspect of winning the game. 

  • Concentrate on your pure sequence

In indian rummy online, you must keep track of a lot of things at the same time. Although it is also the same in the field of the other variants of rummy. Therefore, it would be a very clever step to meld a pure sequence first. A pure sequence is a set of cards that contain at least three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It does not need a joker. It is the absence of the joker that makes it partially easier to meld. Hence, the idea is to complete a pure sequence as soon as the cards are distributed to you. Once you complete it, you are ready to bring your attention to the other aspects of the game, like melding the impure sequences and so on. 

  • Watch out your opponents’ moves

This strategy can successfully be achieved only when the player begins to master the concepts of rummy. When you practice a lot of free games and play with a good number of players online, you start becoming accustomed to the various tricks and strategies used by the players online. However, whenever you play the indian rummy game, you must always try to observe and comprehend your co-players’ moves. If you notice the cards that they pick or discard, then you get an idea of their set of cards. This makes you keep the cards that your opponents might need and as a result make it difficult for them to meld the sequences.


Being the easiest and the most desirable of the lot, playing the indian rummy game is the best way to get revitalized and win cash at the end of the month. 

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